12 Types of Website Content That Drive More Visitors

There are many different types and formats of content that you can work on to improve your traffic. Everyone knows that blog posts and vlogs are an important part of improving SEO (search engine optimization) and even entertaining your site visitors.

However, other types of content can also improve SEO. We’ll go over some of them here. You can still use WordPress’s “blog” function for every bit of the content that you create, the content will just be much more professional and diverse.

1. Videos – Don’t just make another vlog, instead make a video that teaches something to your audience or gives them a factoid that they can use. You can use video to demonstrate how to do something, or to delve deeper into any topic that needs visuals to make sense.

You can do “day in the life”, “office tours”, “product tours” and more in a video. Put the video on Youtube.com and embed it into your site. Ask people to comment, like and share. Videos that look good can take time to make and may even be costly. But, they are more than worth it if you want to improve your traffic. Take it a step further and ask them to make a response video as user generated content is an excellent way to get more traffic.

2. Long Authoritative Content – Conduct research and report on that research in a long article or blog post. Many blog posts are only 500 words long, but to get higher rankings with search engines that are looking for authoritative content making long posts about research findings is a good way.Continue reading